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About us

The idea for Texas Vintage and Antiques bloomed during a family wedding. While searching for the perfect décor for the bridal suite, we realized that the best way to ring in a new marriage was with timeless antiques. We traveled all over Houston and beyond, discovering treasures of bygone eras everywhere we looked. As we searched, we had the opportunity to meet and speak to people in the antique business, which led to a great appreciation for the procurement, preservation, and history behind vintage and antique relics. 

After months of seeking out elegant period pieces to beautify the bridal suite, our hearts swelled to see the awestruck expression on the bride’s face as she stepped into our French boutique-style labor of love. That moment of absolute joy, and the fulfillment we got from creating a remarkable antique-filled space, led to an idea for a permanent storefront in our hometown of Richmond, TX. We realized that we wanted to pursue our passion of creating a space where people from all walks of life could experience that same sense of wonderment as they stepped into a treasure trove of our creation.

The ladies of Texas Vintage & Antiques are antique lovers, just like you. We have a keen eye for quality and pride ourselves on unique, hand-selected pieces. We don’t just sell anything; our curated collection only includes items we would proudly display in our own homes. Our mission is to be just one part of an antique item’s story; a home for cherished belongings that are waiting to be discovered and given a new life. We can’t wait to warmly welcome you to our own little corner of antique heaven, right in the heart of Texas!